Fresno 2011: Quady Winery


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Our second day in Fresno was all about wine tasting! After all, they DO have many local vineyards here so that was a must-do on our trip. There also happened to be a Madera Wine Trail event going on this weekend so of course we signed up for it! The wine trail included tastings at five vineyards, bus ride to/from each vineyard, and lunch for only $65! Pretty cheap deal huh?

The first vineyard we went to was Quady Winery and it was huge! There were so many rooms to walk through for the wine tastings. The chocolate pieces that went with their award-winning dessert wine Elysium melted in your mouth with perfection. I wanted to buy a big bag of these chocolates but the gift store ran out. :( Turns out it comes from San Francisco. Next time I'm in San Fran, I'm going to get me a bag of those chocolates! They also had a table filled with different kinds of cigars from all over the world! I don't smoke but I was surprised by how many varieties there could be. Before we left the winery, we went to check out the gift store and it had lots of cute, little decor for wine lovers from bottle holders to bottle stoppers, even ornaments!

Special thanks to Vino & Friends for hosting this super fun wine trail! It was my first ever wine trail at a vineyard and you made it very memorable! For any out-of-towners, if you are ever visiting this city, try to go when this event is going on. I highly recommend it!

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Vino & Friends, 1560 E. Champlain Drive, Fresno, CA. Tel: (559) 434-1771.
Madera Wine Trail, Tel: (800) 613-0709.
Quady Winery, 13181 Road 24, Madera, CA. Tel: (800) 733-8068.
Perfect Blend Fine Cigars, 729 E. Olive Avenue, Fresno, CA. Tel: (559) 486.0400.

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