Food for Fridays: Cucina Alessa, HB


Went to Cucina Alessa in Huntington Beach like 3 times this past month! So this is a collection of pictures of the many things I tried...

homemade bread -it's so soft and you can taste the freshness!

caprese* - light & very easy to eat (and, of course, the bread is freshly made too)

minestrone - I didn't have this but my friend did & he said he liked it so we'll just take his word for it

calamari fritti* - crispy and goes great with the arrabiata sauce

pizza margherita* - without excess toppings, you can really enjoy the simplicity of a basic cheese pizza

pollo tortellini - never had this before so it was stuffed pasta

lasagna napoletana - fun fact: this special recipe comes from Italy!

lobster ravioli - superb! The only problem? It may not be enough.

lamp chop - it was a little overcooked this time but still good (last time it was perfect)

ravioli di zucca* - created from homemade butternut squash, this dish is sweet and almost counts as a dessert to me

cannolis - a little too sweet for me; I've had my fair share of cannolis so I'm kind of picky when I eat them now

Okay are you hungry now? Cause I am. I think I can sample a bit of everything above again! FYI if you go during their happy hour, they have the foods with asterisks (*) above at really great prices! Definitely worth a try and you can always walk to Huntington Beach pier afterwards during sunset (I did this with one of my gfs). You burn off a little of what you just ate and get to enjoy a romantic view. ;)

Bon appetit!~!

Sending love,

CHECK IT OUT: To find the nearest location, click here.

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