Food for Fridays: Seasons 52, Costa Mesa


lamb chop

dessert tower

rocky road shot

coffee tiramisu cake

Didn't get to really try much from this place but supposedly everything is low cal here, which is absolutely amazing. One of our friends wanted to celebrate his birthday at Seasons 52 and I got to try it for the first time.

I thought the food tasted pretty good - fresh, light and flavorful. Now it may not be the best, incredible thing you ever ate but it is still very good. After all, you do have to take into consideration since it is a low calorie restaurant they probably cut down on all the extra butter in the dishes. Less butter is fine with me. In fact, nothing on their menu is over 475 calories! With that promise, I wouldn't mind have guilty eating pleasures here.

For dinner, the bf and I shared the lamb chop and for dessert we ordered the rocky road shot. Cute isn't it? That dessert tower seriously had a different flavor for each shot. Whoa...I was so tempted to try it all (hello sugar rush? haha). Sorry but the coffee tiramisu cake isn't from the restaurant. It was something I brought in for the birthday boy. We had so many options that we all got to indulge in our sweet tooth cravings! Trust me, no one left unhappy.

Bon appetit!~!

Sending love,

CHECK IT OUT: Seasons 52, 3333 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa, CA. Tel: (714) 437-5252.

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