Another Way to Wear a Scarf


Outfit Details: Volcom sweater/scarf, unknown dress, qupid heels, fendi glasses, accessories from personal collection

It was a little cold the other day but I really wanted to wear a dress. Being the stubborn person that I am, I was not going to wear pants. So I wore my dress and threw on some floral patterned tights to keep me [somewhat] warm. Luckily I grabbed a scarf before heading out the door and instead of the usual way of wearing it, I tied it into a bow. You like? Sometimes these random ideas come into my head...and I like experimenting so why not. Fashion is not about following the norm - it's about having fun and trying new looks! ;)

Sending love,



P.S. To view the other way I wore a scarf, click here. Enjoy!


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