Food for Fridays: Whist Restaurant, Santa Monica


During our stay at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, my little sisteroos and I enjoyed a lovely dinner downstairs at Whist Restaurant with dishes created by Top Chef's very own Chris Crary. We totally went all out and order 3 servings of the 5-course tastings menu ($75/person) so here's what we had... (Be prepared for picture/food overload. You can also click on the pics to see it bigger)

Upon sit-down, they greeted us with a glass of champagne (we also received complimentary champagne when we checked into the hotel), assorted bread, & veal. I'm not really into eating veal but I gave this a try and it actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was nice to try but I wouldn't order it myself (I don't eat that much meat). And of course, to celebrate our sisteroo trip, we ordered a bottle of Chardonnay to start off the night!

left to right: fig + butternut squash salad, beet salad, & persimmon + watercress salad (all were good & interesting as I've never had those types of salads before)

left to right: jerusalem artichoke soup, butternut squash soup, & brothy soup that I can't remember the name of (sadly, the brothy soup was the one I liked the most too! The other soups were too thick & creamy...and I found out that I do not like butternut squash as a soup)

left to right: chef's own sea bass creation & roasted main lobster (both were delicious!)

left to right: dry aged NY steak & black sea bass (Sus really loved the steak & I love eating sea bass so this was a win-win combo)

left to right: honey mascarpone panna cotta, meyer lemon tart, & bread pudding (the entrees were great but the desserts didn't quite meet our expectations...I don't like bread pudding but this was the best one out of these three. I really thought I would've liked the panna cotta but, sadly, no. *Sorry, I'm a little dessert biased to things that have chocolate.* We also really wanted to try the market raspberries with pistachio cake but forgot about it.)

Overall, the service was superb and the 5-course meal experience was more than we expected, especially since we shared all our dishes. We got to try everything in the pics above which ended up being like half of the restaurant's menu! It was a lot of fun and we had a major food coma afterwards. Trust. But it was totally worth it!

Bon appetit!~!

Sending love,



CHECK IT OUT: Whist Restaurant, 1819 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401. Tel: (310) 260-7500.

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