Ready For A Change


Outfit Details: unknown top/pants, f21 blazer, H by Halston heels, Fendi glasses, f21/Charlotte Russe accessories

Guess what? I found out that I got accepted into a Master of Social Work program so I'm super excited! It doesn't start til this Fall but I think it's going to be a life changing event that will involve endless study nights (who wants to join me at the library? haha). However, once I'm done I can go out and help change lives which is probably one of the best feelings in the world so it'll be worth it and I can't wait!

Happy Leap Day/Year Everyone!

Sending love,



P.S. Did you know Disneyland is open 24 hours since it's a leap day? Whoa, crazy huh? I think I might try to use my pass and stop by. ;)

P.P.S. Kind of funny but this was the exact outfit I was wearing when I found out about my graduate school acceptance. What a coincidence I happen to be posting about it right now too!


  1. Amazing outfit and photos! I love it :)

  2. Kimberly! I love this outfit and congrats! Im so excited for you! I especially love the photo in this post of your shoes and bracelets.


  3. haha congrats!! sounds like a really rewarding program. and lol coincidence or not? I think this should be your lucky outfit, you should wear it more often! :P I love the fit and colour of your gorgeous blazer <33

  4. I absolutely adore this look. The oversized blazer and the stripes look amazing :) I'm following you. Stop by my blog sometime!


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