Outfit Details: unknown top, Volcom dress, Bakers heels, Steve Madden clutch, self-designed/self-made hand accessory

Many years ago (and still to this day), my little sisters and I used to joke around and ask each other "What am I going to wear?" whenever we had an event to go to. I hear this question pop up so often that I've decided to create a new label (have you seen the labels on the side of my blog? Check them out it's very helpful when looking for specific blog topics!) called "What Am I Going to Wear" (super creative, I know) where I'll blog about tips on outfit ideas.

So if you're going to a fashion show, what are you going to wear? That depends on: 1) where is it going to be at and 2) what season is it for. For this post, since I was attending an LA fashion show, I wanted to wear something comfortable and easy to move in. Plus, with spring being here and Easter around the corner, I wanted to wear some pastel colors. Mint is such a hot color to wear right now and I love how it can pretty much go with anything - yes, anything! I specifically love mint paired with the soft pink. Something about those two colors together definitely brings springtime sunshine to my eyes.

Sending love,



P.S. I'm frequently asked who takes the pictures on my blog and it's usually the bf, little sisters, Jud (aka honorary sister), myself, or otherwise listed/linked (photographers, etc). The above pics were taken by my awesome Jud. <3


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