Love Fashion LA Fashion Show


Attended the Love Fashion LA fashion show at Live! On Sunset with my dearest Jud last week!

Upon entrance, this enormous decor caught my eye. No one would miss it. It's probably almost the size of a real life baby elephant!

Next, we got to go around the store and check out the amazing clothes.

I totally love the design and colors for this dress - it's feminine and fun. Something I would definitely wear.

This dress was also super cute!

Commando panties anyone?

Perks of the fashion show? Complimentary drinks and treats! Mmmm...we definitely enjoyed the pink moscato wine. ;)

And these cupcakes? OMG they were so good! I tried both the vanilla and chocolate! Surprisingly, the vanilla one was better (and I'm a huge chocolate lover too)!

Goodie bags to load us up on a sugar high. I think it worked...we started to combos and ate the pink gummy bears with the chocolate balls. The result? BAM! A chocolate-covered-gummy-bear! Genius idea jud. Genius.

The fashion started and shocked us all. Music was blasting and people were dancing.

Then the dancers started modeling down the walkway and you begin to realize that the dancers are also the models!

Talk about nonstop entertainment!

It was quite enjoyable to see and I really liked the concept.

Maybe this will be a new trend for future fashion shows?

Any time, any where. Whenever we're together, we'll always have fun! Heart this girl!

*Special THANKS to my good friend and fellow blogger Jo Jo from Love Fashion Live Life for the invitation! It was a bummer you couldn't make it but you were definitely there in spirit! (Hmm maybe that's why I had TWO cupcakes...) Can't wait for our next gathering dear!

Sending love,

P.S. More outfit pics to come on my next blog post! ;)

P.P.S. I got an AWESOME video of the models dancing! Trying to figure out how to post it because it is taking longer than expected to upload...

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