Cable Knit & Sheer Pleats


Outfit Details: gifted J Crew sweater, Foreign Exchange skirt, Jessica Simpson heels, Fendi glasses

Wore this outfit a couple weeks ago but I guess I forgot to blog about it! Oh my...I really do need an entire day to go and sort through all my pictures. I have so many - seriously! I already maxed out my 4gb hard drive last year and now working on a 1 tb. Yup, I do like taking pictures. Don't judge - it runs in my family! Started off with my pops who loves capturing every and all [as in not one but multiple pictures of] family moments so this picture-taking-syndrome isn't just me. It has affected my whole family, including my little sisters who also each have a hard drive that's probably about to be maxed out as well.

I even have this creative, intensive folder system already going on with my hard drives but I might need to re-evaluate it and come up with a new and improved picture-organizing-system. Sighhh totally dreading it but sometimes you got to do what you don't want to do to help make life a little easier. Misery loves company so who wants to join me and have a picture-organizing party?

Sending love,




  1. I absolutely adore this skirt :) It's really cute and it looks great with the sweater.

  2. What a cute & comfy look! I could totally see myself wearing this to work on a casual friday :)


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