The Queen and My Pops


A couple weeks ago I accompanied my dad to his work party at The Queen Mary in Long Beach. We had never been on it before so we were both excited and anxious to see it.

During our tour of this massive boat, we discovered so much interesting information! This wall panel displays 38 of over 50 types of hardwood veneers used throughout the Queen Mary. Who would've thought there'd be so many different types of wood?

Come and get your tickets! This was the location where passengers used to go to buy their boat tickets. While standing here I had a quick flashback of early 1900s passengers waiting in line to purchase their tickets. Then fast forward a little bit and I pictured the hundreds of thousands of travellers passing by the hallway. Creepy? A little bit but still extremely fascinating to be standing on a historic landmark.

Fun fact: all the suites are named after the elite who have travelled on the Queen Mary. Of course, the Queen herself would have a suite named after her and she deserves it.

My papabear is oh-so-cute standing next to Theodore the Teddy Bear that's - yes - named after President Roosevelt himself who also travelled on the boat! I think he may have a suite named after him too...

What one of the room suites looked like. It also had another mini living room, bedroom, and two bathrooms! Fancy travelling huh? Yeah the decor is a little old but back then for those who had money, they were able to ask for special request to change the room decor to their liking. What does that mean? That the staff would actually go in and change the drapes, bedding, etc. to fit the traveller's needs, even if it's something small as in they want a different color. WOW! Now that's fancy travelling to me!

Saw this sign on the door. Maybe this is the old version of our "Do Not Disturb" signs haha

If you look closely you can see the LBC night lights from the window. Another fun fact: You can put the Titanic in the center of the Queen Mary and there would still be plenty of space around the boat. Also, all the railings along the hallways are the original ones that were installed on the boat. Betcha didn't know that huh?

Our dinner meal included steak, fish, dessert, and drinks. We got to wine and dine where so many others have dined before...simply amazing! (Can you tell I like historic things?)

Another awesome moment of the night? Meeting the Captain of the ship!

Gotta love my pops! I'm so lucky to have been able to share this experience with him. There's nothing more precious than father/daughter moments! Love him so much!

Sending love,



What I wore:

Outfit Details: H&M dress, Bakers heels, CC clutch

CHECK IT OUT: Queen Mary, 1126 Queens Highway, Long Beach, CA. Tel: (877) 342-0738.

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