Modern Day Hippie


Outfit Details: unknown top, Wet Seal jeans, Glaze heels, Electric sunglasses

For some reason on this particular day I felt like wearing jeans. And if you know me, I'm more of a skirt/dress/leggings kind-of-girl. It's not that I don't have any jeans because I actually have a good collection. It's just that I feel more comfortable wearing loose, flowy clothing - you know, things that are easy to move in.

Is it just me or does this outfit remind you of a hippie? I think it's the floral heels with the suede fringe belt that makes me feel like I was channeling a modern day version of a hippie. Now I was born after the hippie generation so I don't really know how it was like but I picture rainbows floating in the sky with colorful flowers on the walls (aka That 70s Show. Has anyone else seen it too?) Hmm maybe I was a my past life.

Sending love,




  1. You look soooooo cute!!!! Love the outfit & the shoes but they look big on you no?

    P.S: I posted pics of my new Steve Madden platform pumps on my blog yesterday, go check them out!! <3

  2. I really like the colors you picked for this look! I never really wear coral or white but I have to say, I like them together! Oh and those shoes make your legs go on for dayzzzz!


  3. Oh I love that top. This look is wonderful and you are beautiful.



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