Bday Surprise from My Little Sisteroos


Outfit Details: h&m grey blazer, Victoria's Secret pink & peach floral corset, unknown creme skirt, Digi Soho nude heels, F21 mint necklace
Looking for a nice place to take your date for a special occassion? Look no further! For my birthday (yes, another celebration), my little sisteroos surprised me and took me to Maestro's Ocean Club in Newport Beach, CA.

dry ice martinis
sea bass

ribeye steak

lobster mashed potatoes

chocolate birthday cake

birthday sweets galore (the one up front is Maestro's Signature warm butter cake and it is amazinggggg!!! You must get it when you're here)

Now that's a wrap! I am all pooped out from celebrating my birthday. With all the celebrations I feel like I'm now 30. haha

All the food here was delicious and the service was great! Definitely a great place to go to treat someone special out. ***MANY THANKS to my lovely little sisteroos for the surprise! You girls are the best <3

Sending love,

CHECK IT OUT: Maestro's Ocean Club, 8112 East Coast Highway, Newport Beach, CA. Tel: (949) 376-6990. *Only open for dinner. For a great ocean view, take the scenic route down PCH. ;)


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