Photo Diary: Hawaii 2012 [Day 3]


Outfit Details: F21 crochet tank, Billabong bikini (underneath), American Rag mint high-low skirt, Carlos Santana sandals, gifted bag (made from coconuts) from Aunt in Vietnam, H&M sunglasses/feathered earrings

We stumbled upon the Hawaii Supreme Court on our way to the palace. We couldn't figure out where it was because the GPS wouldn't say which side of the street it was on! After parking and thinking we've found the palace, it turns out it was right across the street.

So we went on over across the street and here it is: the Iolani Palace. Don't they look similar?!? Kind of yeah? Well apparently, this has recently opened up to the public so we thought we'd check it out. It was interesting to learn about Hawaii (via an audio tour) and their culture.

Then we went to meet a friend to catch a bite at a local bar (will post pics on upcoming Food for Fridays post). This was a very chill, relaxing day which we needed since the next day we're were going to wake up super early for a hike. Like 4am early! :O

Stay tuned for our Day 3 sunrise pics from our hike! ;)

Sending love,

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