WHAT TO WEAR: Hawaiian Luau


Outfit Details: green chiffon dress, material girl black cutout sandals, diy hand accessory, Hawaiian hair flower c/o Jud

Dress? Check.
Hair? Check.
Make-up? Check.
Okay, I'm ready for the luau (more detailed pics of our luau here)! 

I chose to wear a green chiffon dress since:
a) I love green [emerald's my birth stone]
- and -
b) it was a long loose dress so I could eat as much as I want haha

Plus, the temperatures were in the crazy 80's in Hawaii so no tight-fitting clothes for us. In fact, the less clothes you wear, the better. And no heels needed. Trust!

- Having a What Am I Going to Wear moment? Let me know so I can help! ;) - 

Sending love,

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  1. ah how I want to go to a Hawaiian luau! haha all the flowy, light outfits look perfect for it. love the aquamarine colour of your dress :)



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