Agenda Tradeshow 2012


Last week I had the privilege of attending The Agenda Show in Long Beach.

It was right in the heart of LB at the Long Beach Convention Center.
This super cool LRG mural, created by DABS MYLA, was ginormous! I probably looked like an ant next to it lol

Why, hello LRG. Sure looking nice at the front of the show!

Checked out these eco-friendly sunglasses from CASSETTE! I loved how they have frames made from real bamboo. Way to be earth-friendly guys!

Spotted this chambray SLVDR owl shirt in between the racks! Have I told you yet I'm weirdly attracted to this creature right now?

There's a GoPro CAR?!?! Really?? Apparently so...too bad we couldn't ride it (maybe next time).

Have you tried SKULLCANDY head phones yet? They are amazing and come in a variety of colors!

 While strolling down the lanes of countless booths, this MAKIA women's jacket made me stopped in my tracks. It looked so perfect for fall & I could totally see myself wearing it!

KOMONO sunglasses & watches made in Europe! You can never have enough of either of those. Keep an eye out for them coming soon to a popular US store.

Rocking a pair of KOMONO shades with CEO/Co-Founder Anton! Loved these two-toned sunnies!

***Special thanks to Shout PR & the Agenda crew for organizing an awesome active sportswear tradeshow! Great job to everyone; it was a fun event!

Like any of the above rad stuff? Click below to shop their store:

Until next time,
sending love,

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  1. Rock them shades!! Thanks for sharing!


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