WHAT I WORE: Neiman Marcus Fashion Show 2012 - White Mesh


 Outfit Details: white mesh sequin dress, F21 belt from Seattle trip, MRKT nude platform sandals, thrifted Sak crochet bag, Express floral necklace, H&M/Hawaii/Turkey friendship bracelets 

Here are some pics from what I wore to the Neiman Marcus Trend Preview fashion show last week. I bought this white mesh dress a couple months ago and recently found it hidden in my closet (isn't it awesome when that happens? Feels like you just won the lottery & scored some free shopping in your own closet!). With summer coming to a near end, I thought I should bring it out to play - and why not to a fashion show? You can't see it in the pics but there's little pieces of sequins scattered all over the dress which makes it sparkle when you move. Oh how I love that! Since it was mostly a white outfit, I threw on the belt for a hint of added color with mostly neutral accessories. These may not be the best pics to show off the details of this dress so I'll try to take better ones next time. It's always so hard for me to take pictures when I'm wearing white. Does that happen to any of you too? Do you guys have any advice/tricks? If so, feel free to share. Thanks! ;)

Sending love,

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  1. Love the dress .


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  2. I love your shoes!


  3. love this outfit! very chic :)



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