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Outfit Details: Nasty Gal top, Blanc Noir faux fur vest, Joe's Jeans pants, Bucco sneaker wedges, SAMA sunglasses c/o The Eye Gallery

Since winter is somewhat still here in the OC, I'm going to enjoy the last few cold days of it (and by "cold" I mean mid 50s to high 60s temperatures). Lucky for me, the SoCal weather is mostly sunny like 70-80% of the time but we do get the occassional cold drift every now and then. So I've actually been liking these semi cold days (you'd usually would never hear me say that; I get cold too easily) because I get to wear my small -but growing- faux fur and sweater collection.

Anyways, I'm actually quite surprised at how black & white my outfit is here. I'm usually a color person but this Nasty Gal top made me want to keep with the basic palette. The Blanc Noir faux fur vest? Got it a couple months ago and it was the perfect amount of warmth where I didn't need to take a jacket with me. My newest obsession? Without a doubt, these Joe's Jeans pants! They fit so perfectly and compliments any outfit - love that. Want to know a secret? For months (and I mean months), I've been on the hunt for the perfect sneaker wedges and I couldn't find anything I really liked. So when I came across these Bucco babies online, I quickly clicked it into my shopping cart and got it in the mail a few days later (yay for shoe mail!). A purchase I have yet to regret. Of course, I wore these awesome SAMA sunnies out to play and sneaked in a little bit of color to my look with my red Papers & Peonies ring...I couldn't resist!

What about you? Did you enjoy the Super Bowl game? It was so close at the end huh?!? I had a great time hanging out with the little sisteroos and the guys. Another fun weekend of good times with loved ones. <3 nbsp="">

Until next time,

Instagram/Twitter Me: @kimberly_luu


  1. This look is perfect from head to toe! You look great :D

  2. Love your shirt so much! Nice outfit :)

  3. I have that blouse and love it! Cute how you paired it with the black fur vest!

    - Kaitlyn

    Boardwalks & Boulevards

  4. Hey pretty, looking good! I really love your outfit and the black and white pairing! I also went over your previous post and gosh, the target collection sold so quick at my local store! I managed to pick up one pair of shoes and was very impressed with the quality



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