My Instagram Life: MAGIC Edition (Part 1)


Another week of my random life adventures on Instagram (follow me: @kimberly_luu)! 
This time, MAGIC Edition (Part 1)! I got to Vegas on Sunday and I'm still here. It's been very busy (awesome busy) and I wanted to share some mini highlights of my trip so far as one of MAGIC's Official Bloggers...

On Sunday I headed out to Vegas for MAGIC Market Week. Wore For Love & Lemons top & Lucca Couture skirt ~ the perfect comfy travel outfit thanks to Lobby Lab!

Checked into Hard Rock Hotel suite, unloaded my snacks, & found this surprise note from my little sisteroo ~ so sweet

Thanks to Shout PR for these lovely pieces to wear for MAGIC Market Week! So many choices...

Sourcing at MAGIC officially begun on Monday, 02/18th! AND it was pretty cool holding the scissors afterwards ;)

With my fellow shoe lovers ShoeQUEENdom & Bendoni Style at MAGIC Market Week

Amazing handmade Arcus necklaces from India at Sourcing at MAGIC

Kept the floral Black Swan dress but threw on flats & BB Dakota leather jacket for dinner

Umm did I bring enough shoes to MAGIC Market Week? I do like options ;)

Excited to be an Official Blogger for MAGIC Market Week! Also happy to finally wear these beautiful Lili Claspe pieces

Check out my Twitter (@kimberly_luu) for my picks on what's trending for 2013-2014 at Sourcing at MAGIC

Loved the Gypsy Luxe collection at the WWD MAGIC fashion show! Comfort chic & so my style

My DIY affirmation name bracelet created at the BCBGeneration VIP Sky Lounge

For more daily updates, be sure to follow me @kimberly_luu ~ thanks for the love!

Until next time,
Twitter/Instagram Me: @kimberly_luu


  1. Oh looks divine!!
    Sounds like you had a great time :)
    And those shoes and clothes!!

    Piper x
    Follow me on Bloglovin


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