Top 5 Fashion Faves: Oscars 2013


The Oscars. Where who's who of Hollywood movie makers wait all year long for this award show to see who wins what.

As for my Top 5 Fashion Faves, these fashionistas had that extra oomph that made them stand out just a little more than the rest of the crowd:

1. Zoe Saldana wearing Alexis Mabille - a couture twist with an subtle ombre hem (when does Zoe ever not look good?)

2. Stacey Keibler wearing Naeem Khan - the art deco on the back makes this piece very captivating (LOVE!)

3. Kerry Washington wearing Miu Miu - she's so adorable & this coral dress makes me feel like spring is just around the corner

4. Naomi Watts wearing Armani Prive - a little funky futuristic kind of but I'm oddly attracted to it

5. Jennifer Lawrence wearing Dior Haute Couture - the front is simple but don't you just love the long train? I do! (*congrats* to Jennifer for winning Best Leading Female for Silver Linings Playbook!)


Strapless Gowns

Metallic Dresses

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Did you watch the show? What was your favorite part of the Oscars? Mine was Ben Affleck's speech at the end for Best Movie award for Argo which was so heartfelt and touching - and definitely the best speech of the night! He's so humble and totally deserved it!

"Doesn't matter how you got knocked down in life. All that matters is how you get up." ~ Ben Affleck

Be sure to stay tuned for my next Top 5 Fashion Faves!

Until next time,

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  1. Love the dress you wore, you look so pretty!

    Sita xx


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