Indigenous is Worth Wearing



Outfit Details: 
black open-back maxi dress
Abercrombie & Fitch jean jacket
Carlos Santana studded ankle boots
tassel scarf c/o Indigenous
gifted Marc Jacobs bag from the bf

Don't you just love discovering companies that carry organic fashion? Well, just your luck. Indigenous is a fair trade fashion brand that carries organically made products. They carry many eco fashion friendly styles and artisan-made designs including tops, sweaters, scarves, coats, and more!

Even though it's technically spring, the weather right now has been quite chilly. Lucky for me, the kind folks over at Indigenous sent me this lovely tassel scarf which was perfect for this cold week in OC. It's thick and warm and the tassel edge design added a fun texture to my otherwise solid outfit.

Want a pair of your own? Check out their other color options here. Have fun shopping and supporting an eco friendly fashion brand that's worth wearing!

Until next time,

Instagram/Twitter Me: @kimberly_luu

{This is a sponsored post for Indigenous.}


  1. Lovely! Long skirts are so in this season!


  2. Loving this outfit, everything goes so well together. I especially adore those amazing shoes.

  3. Love your outfit - the scarf is phenomenal :)


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