Party Like a Fashion Blogger Event


with Yuri creator of

Annabelle of Viva Luxury

Stacey of Trendy Outings

my handmade accessory

with Jessica from Hapa Time, Stacey of Trendy Outings, and Marilyn from M Fashion Cafe

Outfit Details:
peplum open-back dress
blazer c/o Sugarlips
spiked ankle boots
DIY hand accessory (from 2011 here)

Here's a #ThrowbackThursday for you all! Last year threw an event called "Party Like a Fashion Blogger" so it was obviously a sign for me to go. Got to meet and mingle with other cool fashion bloggers, take fun photo booth pics wearing IVI sunglasses, and do a little dancing. ;) Not too bad for a random Thursday night. 

Guess what? There's another event tonight! Hoping to reunite with some of my stylish blogger friends later for another fab night in LA.

Until next time,

Instagram/Twitter Me: @kimberly_luu


  1. These two girls are best friends and the most popular girls because of their beauty and style.
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  2. It's time to rock! nice gathering with full of joy and style. I like the apparel and some other accessories. Try Code V 3980 next time:)


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