MAGIC Outfit - Day 3


Outfit Details:
Elliatt top / Maison Scotch cardy c/o Briana Rene Boutique
Guess jeans (from Marie Claire x Guess event here)
Zara heels
clutch c/o Lobby Lab
starfish bracelet c/o Lili Claspe
diy Affirmation name bracelet c/o BCBGeneration
By Day 3 of MAGIC Market Week, it was starting to get cold in Vegas so I had to be more "functional" with the weather. Even though I packed almost all skirts and dresses {my wardrobe staple}, I did manage to throw in these Guess jeans (which were super comfortable btw). The grey floral print is very light which makes it versatile to go with so many different outfit choices (i.e. loose sweater, crop top, plain t-shirt, etc.). You really don't need to do much to it. I chose to wear it with this gorgeous blue lace Elliatt top (I really need to take pics of the back to show you how AMAZINGLY detailed it is ~ bravo to whoever designed this!) and a black Maison Scotch cardigan (it had these cool star patches on the sleeves and came with a gold necklace ~ a-w-e-s-o-m-e). Got these two goodies from my new discovery of local OC store, Briana Rene Boutique at The OC Mart Mix (stop by if you're in the area!). Wore my Zara heels again because, let's face it, they were comfortable and [hint hint] you walk everywhere at MAGIC. Accessorized my outfit with Lobby Lab's pleated clutch, Lili Claspe's adorable starfish bracelet, and my diy affirmation bracelet I made at the BCBG VIP lounge.
On this day I got to check out WWD MAGIC which was pretty cool. I'll have more pics of it coming up so stay tuned...and have a happy Friday everyone!
Until next time,
Instagram/Twitter Me: @kimberly_luu


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