Dior Couture Exhibit


Just the other week, as I was walking around South Coast Plaza with the bf, I saw a sign about the Dior Exhibit and immediately stopped. Oh-my-gosh, how could I have almost forgotten about this? I've been wanting to check it out for weeks now and it just so happened that that day was the very last day. Call it a sign (literally) but I knew I had to go inside. Check out pictures of the Dior Couture Exhibit after the jump...



How amazingly glamourous are these couture gowns? I'm seriously in love with the pink dresses - they kind of remind me of a fairy tale (hello Cinderella). Now the Disney kid inside me wants to dress up and go to a ball. Who else wants to join?
Much love,
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P.S. Sorry it's been awhile since my last post; I'm working on revamping things so stay tuned for something special coming up!!


  1. aw! how fun! - glad you were able to catch it on the last day! it was a sign :D great photos - now I don't feel like I missed it. heehee.

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