Swim Spot's Ella Moss Bikini


When I was packing for my birthday cruise a couple weeks ago (see post here), the first thing that came to mind were bathing suits. I mean, what is a cruise if you are not lounging around in a cute bikini while soaking up the sun rays right?

 {OUTFIT DETAILS} Ella Moss bikini c/o Swim Spot :: gifted Volcom shorts & sandals from the bf (here) ::
black sunhat :: SAMA sunnies c/o Eye Gallery
The particular suit I'm wearing here is a two piece Ella Moss bikini (similar here) from Swim Spot! The vibrant hues instantly caught my eyes and reminded me of a nice vacation in Miami...well, I wasn't going to Miami (one day!) but I was going on a cruise and this suit was just perfect. Amazing fit, fun colors, and a unique design. This has definitely been one of my go-to, no-hassle bikinis right now. From a casual day at the beach to a crazy pool party in Vegas, you can wear it anywhere! 
{FASHION TIP: Pair a colorful bathing suit with a matching bottom by picking one of the colors in the top so it blends well together and it'll also make the top stand out more.} 
Hope you're all having a good summer so far and enjoying this bikini season weather! Any favorite suits you're currently loving? Do share!

Until next time,

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  1. ooooh a cruise, how fun! Lovely bathing suit :) and very fun shorts!

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