Neon Glow + Goodbye Google Reader


I don't know about you but summer just makes me want to wear bright colors! Maybe it's the sun shining or me thinking of beach days but this season I am loving the addition of something neon to my outfits.

What I Wore:
Hollister ruffle dress
Marc Jacobs bag (here) / sunglasses
Pelle Mode heels (from DSW)

Kind of funny but this Hollister dress reminds me of a pink neon highlighter. It's so bright and glowing isn't it? Which is why I decided to pair it with neutral Pelle Mode heels and my go-to Marc Jacobs bag. Kept it very simple for a casual summer outfit to work.

As I also mentioned above, Google Reader is saying goodbye and will no longer exist as of July 1st (sad news, I know!). Have no fear, though, you can still stay up-to-date and keep track of all your favorite blogs on Bloglovin'. Click here for instructions and don't forget to follow According to Kimberly! Thanks a bunch and much love!


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