According to Kimberly x Penelope's Vintage (Part 2)


Remember my first look I styled with Penelope's Vintage here? The one with the red coat in the alley? Well this is my second outfit and just so happens to be one of my favorite looks this year!

[Photography by Chanelle from The Penelope Times]

What I Wore:
Penelope's Vintage dress / belt / beanie / necklace
Papers & Peonies gold hand accessory
Vince Camuto heels 

This is another look I styled with pieces from Penelope's Vintage. An easy, effortless look that's also super comfortable!

printed dress
rope belt
green beanie
statement necklace

When I first raided Penelope's Vintage closet, my eyes instantly went to this jungle print that screamed take me out to play! I just couldn't resist all the red, gold, and blue hues blended all together. Was that a zebra? Or was it flowers? I didn't know and not knowing made me like it even more - almost like it was art. 

Also spotted (and got to try on the newly released) PV beanies which totally made this look young and fresh. I'm usually not a beanie person since it's so hard to find one that looks good and fits well but this one did both - awesome!

Looking back at these photos, this was probably a shirt that I ended up wearing as a wrap dress. See? There are no rules in fashion. Take what you know and create your own style!

"Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it."

Hope you're having a good week and don't forget to enter my Essie nail polishes giveaway (here) - there's going to be 2 winners!


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