ENK Vegas + Project at MAGIC Market Week


Currently in Viva Las Vegas right now for MAGIC Market Week and couldn't help but to reflect the last time I was here. A couple months back I got to attend my first MAGIC show (here) and it was amazing! Besides the big shows at the Las Vegas Convention Center (here), I also got to check out the upcoming trends for ENK Vegas (contemporary womenswear) and Project (menswear) at the Mandalay Bay.

A glimpse at Wildfox's fun printed swim collection.

My favorite pieces from Wildfox's collection: comfy sweater, florals, and casual wear.

Racks on racks of black and white at For Love and Lemons.

This sangria was surprisingly really good - yums yums!

No need to choose, can I just get one of each from Keepsake, Cameo, Finders Keepers please? Loved everything!

With blonde bombshell Amber, the talented designer behind Again clothing.

Who doesn't love some Rebecca Minkoff? Can I add some of you to my closet?

Chilling like a villain at the IM King booth with Anthony.

There were so many brands to see and not enough time in the day. I'm hoping to check some of them out again during this trip and see what everyone is coveting for the next season. Are there any brands you're loving? Let me know (tweet me @kimberly_luu) and I'll see if I can get a sneak peek for you! ;)

Oh, by the way, the weather was so weird in Vegas yesterday! Can you believe it was over 100 degrees and then there were thunderstorms with rain clouds? Hope it's gone now because I totally did not pack for that...

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{What I Wore} Handmade scarf/shirt from Briana Rene boutique :: Joe's Jeans black jeggings :: Indigenous coat made from organic cotton (here)

{This is a sponsored post as per my contract with Sourcing at MAGIC. Check out the #RoadtoMAGIC page to see all the Official MAGIC Bloggers here.}



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