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Just got back from MAGIC Market Week yesterday and still settling in. As one of the emerging designers selected to go to Sourcing at MAGIC, one of the perks was having access to all the MAGIC floors and seminars (well isn't that just awesome? I thought so!). Each day was jam packed with a schedule of fun things to do and we got to document a piece of it daily on the Sourcing at MAGIC blog. Check out The Source of Inspiration to see what inspired us during our almost-week-long MAGIC adventure!
Read my Sourcing at MAGIC - Day 1 Guestbook post about this season's focus region on India here
Read my Sourcing at MAGIC - Day 2 Guestbook post with tips from the “Transform Your Online Store into a Multi-million Dollar Business" seminar here
photo 3
Read my Sourcing at MAGIC - Day 3 Guestbook post with an exclusive one-on-one interview with Fashion Snoops (a trend forecasting service) here
Read my Sourcing at MAGIC - Day 4 Guestbook post on the Sourcing fashion trends I found on the WWD MAGIC floors here
Stay tuned for more pics from each day once I catch up on my sleep! ;)

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{This is a sponsored post as per my contract with Sourcing at MAGIC. Check out the #RoadtoMAGIC page to see all the Official MAGIC Bloggers here.}



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