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Never heard of this? Of course not, this was its first year! Allow me to spill you in on all the details of what is BlogTopia! First off, this was taken place at the South Bay Galleria. Second, funnyman Nick Verreos from Project Runway hosted it (and he never disappoints). Third, it was pretty cool - there were hair demos, fashion talk, henna tattoos, food sampling (you know I love food), and more! Click below to keep reading for details and pictures from the event...

fall fashion trends from Bebe and Guess: colored jackets and lots of black

hair demo from Regis Salon : make a fishtail braid then tie into a loose, messy bun

my adorbable blogger gal Amanda won a $25 gift card - woohoo!

The Limited talking about one of their favorite fall trends: cigarette pants (love!)

was addicted to the cherry lemonade from Hot Dog on a Stick ~ so delicious!

couldn't resist getting another henna

so happy that I finally got to meet The Recessionista!

congrats to Claudia from The Penny Closet for winning the $100 gift card

yummy dessert cups

{What I Wore} Charlotte Russe top :: Guess jeans :: Marc Fisher booties :: Melie Bianco bag

Oh, it was such a blast hanging out with my fellow OC blogger babe Amanda from Feast.Fashion.Faves! As we were finding some seats, Nick called on her to go up to the front to model her outfit (*ahem* doesn't she look amazing in that jumpsuit?!?). Shortly after, as he was talking about fall trends, he called on me to model my outfit since one of the popular summer trends still trending for fall is peplum. How funny is that? So random but we striked our best "model" poses. It was probably more awkward since we were totally off-guard but whateves. 

Live a little, have fun, and enjoy life.

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  1. How cute!!! You both look so lovely! And those mini hotdog cups haha!
    ♥Stacey Nguyen

  2. Looked like a Blast!!!! Love Amanda's Jumpsuit and your bag!!! :)

  3. omg....that pic of us sipping cherry lemonade...AWESOME. miss you girl!


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