FASHION FRIDAY :: ATK x Serene Sky Boutique


Ready for some big and exciting news? Remember my pink sparkling bracelet I made HERE for October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Well, I teamed up with the super sweet owners behind the cute new online store Serene Sky Boutique to exclusively sell my pink sparkling bracelet and I couldn't be happier...
Started by two best friends, Donna and Frances, Serene Sky Boutique is an online jewelry store featuring lots of cute, handpicked accessories from emerging designers. Obviously, it was pretty easy for me to see that Serene Sky Boutique was a perfect match for my #FASHIONwithaCAUSE movement. I loved their story and how they were based in OC so this was also my chance to give back to my local community (yay!).
Check out my pink sparkling bracelet online HERE and grab one for yourself while supplies last. This bracelet is only available for the month of October and 20% of proceeds will be donated to Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer awareness.
***Special thanks to Donna and Frances for joining my mission and helping to spread breast cancer awareness!***
Think pink.
Wear pink.
Support pink.

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:: Remember to help spread breast cancer awareness this October! Are you wearing the pink sparkling bracelet? Join the #FASHIONwithaCAUSE movement and get yours today HERE. ::



  1. I saw that this was for purchase on Serene Sky!! yaay!


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