Outfit :: Fall in the OC


So far, this is what "fall" in OC looks like. Yup. Pretty much like summer except with a little more layers. Usually this type of sheer top would look great with a cutout bralette but since it's slightly colder now, I wore it with a tank top underneath. It's also a good time to bust out those sneaker wedges my friends because - yes - it's still trending this season! Want to see more? Keep reading...

{What I Wore} sheer top c/o Gypsy Junkies :: Forever21 pleather shorts :: Bucco sneaker wedges :: Charming Charlie necklace :: BCBGeneration/Charlotte Russe/Papers & Peonies jewelry 

This sheer Gypsy Junkies top is perfection, isn't it? Love the color. Love the ruffles. Love the comfort. I was lucky enough to wear this piece from their fall '13 collection before it was released and absolutely adored it! Umm can I have more of you please? For those lazy-don't-want-to-think-what-to-wear days, it can make anything look good. And with my current crazy school/work/internship schedule, I have limited time to get ready in the morning. So cute tops like this makes taking the guessing work out of the equation. 

Throw it on and go on. 

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:: Remember to help spread breast cancer awareness this October! Are you wearing the pink sparkling bracelet? Join the #FASHIONwithaCAUSE movement and get yours today HERE. ::


  1. I LOOOVE this color on you!!! And those accessories...so pretty!
    ❤Amanda | feast.fashion.faves

  2. Fall in california is kind of a joke. I'm in hollywood and I'm wearing shorts and a teeshirt.
    Love the dress!

  3. Hello my love!!

    Your look so pretty in this dark oxblood color! Your sneaker wedges add a cool touch of edge. Wonderful how great it is to have warm weather still on october here in cali! lol.

    GREAT post! :)

    xo KCN

  4. You've got such a cute blog. Love your style!

    Xo, Hannah


  5. Im really digging the cut/drapping of this dress! this color is great on you and perfect for the fall season!



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