BEAUTY GIVEAWAY :: Pati Dubroff + Jouer + Neutrogena + Healthy Sexy Hair


It's about time, isn't it? Time for another giveaway that is! Since it's been awhile since my last giveaway, I wanted this one to be extra special filled with lots of amazing beauty products. Keep reading to check out each of the images included in this awesome giveaway. Get excited because it's a good one (valued at over $100!)...

Pati Dubroff 12 eye shadow kit (valued at $17.99)

Jouer tint blush in orchid (valued at $20) & Jouer highlighter in tiare (valued at $20)

Jouer spf15 lip stick in st. tropez (valued at $22)

Neutrogena shine control primer (valued at $11.99)

Healthy Sexy Hair soy touchable weightless hair spray (valued at $17.95)

Win this incredible beauty package with all the amazing beauty products above!

Here's how to enter: (all 3 are required)
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5) Leave a comment with your name, email (so I may contact you if you win), and favorite beauty product in giveaway.

Yup, it's that simple. Ready to enter my Beauty Giveaway (valued at over $100)?

20 days to enter :: 8 ways to win :: 1 insanely cool beauty package

Giveaway ends Monday 12/02/13 at 11:59PM PST. Open to US + International residents. Winner will be announced within a week after giveaway ends. If the winner does not respond to claim their prize within three (3) days, a new winner will be chosen.

Just my way of saying thanks for reading and supporting my blog. Good luck everyone! :)

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Disclaimer: Pati Dubroff, Jouer, Neutrogena, & Healthy Sexy Hair are not sponsoring these products; this is a free giveaway exclusively for my blog readers. Thank you for participating.


  1. I love all the prizes but Pati Dubroff 12 eye shadow kit is my favorite. Thank you for this amazing giveaway <3

  2. Great giveaway :D

    Name: Raquel Estañ
    My favorite product: Jouer highlighter in tiare =D


  3. Joana Bento
    I'm most excited about the Pati Dubroff 12 eye shadow kit !!

  4. I love everything in this giveaway. The eye shadow palette has amazing colors :)
    Paulina Data,

  5. Bianca Rogoveanu
    I would love to try the Neutrogena primer!

  6. Erin O.
    I'm most excited about the hair spray.

  7. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Name: Irina Gnatiuk
    I am most excited about Neutrogena shine control primer.

  8. Name: Colleen Boudreau
    Email: holliister at gmail dot com

    I'm most excited about the Neutrogena primer.

  9. Name: Olesia Flegka
    Rafflecopter: Lulu
    Email: redalepou(at)yahoo(dot)com

    I'm most excited about the Pati Dubroff 12 eye shadow kit!!

  10. name: krystel thahsera

  11. Laura Azevedo
    I really wanna the palette

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.


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