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 Happy Monday and happy Veteran's Day! Anyone staying home today and enjoying the weather? I wish I was...

{WHAT I WORE} Redux Ritual crop top / rehab asymmetrical skirt c/o Lobby (similar HERE and HERE) :: Bandolier iPhone case purse c/o Capobianco (HERE) ::
Wanted boots (from DSW, similar HERE) :: mirrored sunglasses c/o Zero UV (HERE) :: Charlotte Russe ring :: Forever21 necklace / bracelet

When I found this black crop top and asymmetrical skirt at Lobby at the Lab, I instantly knew it was a match made in heaven. The deep red hue of the skirt is perfect for fall and can be worn for many different occasions - casual, dressy, concerts, birthdays, etc. This is a must-have skirt for the season! As I was contemplating what shoes to wear, my tomboy side wanted to come out and play so I went with rugged boots to give this outfit a laid-back look. Kept with basic jewelry and threw on these cool mirrored Zero UV sunnies along with my trusty no-purse-needed iPhone case from Bandolier. Seriously, this phone case has changed my life and makes going out so much easier.

After this crazy long weekend of parties after parties after parties (once the holidays come it's celebrations galore), I'm already ready for a vacation. You know what I mean? Sometimes it's nice to get away, be free with words, and just get lost in the woods.

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  1. Totally digging the nature-y feel. I like the crop top paired with the burgundy skirt!!!



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