SNEAK PEEK :: No Purse Necessary


Ready for a sneak peek of an upcoming outfit post? Ever since I got this Bandolier phone case (HERE), I immediately fell in love with it. For someone who doesn't usually like to carry many things, this black iPhone leather case is perfect! It holds my phone, ID, and credit card so there's no hassle to lug around a giant bag. Plus with the detachable gold chain (more options HERE), there's many ways to wear it. Don't you just love it too? I know, what a genius idea! It's definitely one of my new favorite accessories that I've been taking everywhere.

***THANKS Capobianco for the coolest iPhone case - it's one of the best accessories a girl can have!

So keep the purse at home and take a Bandolier out to play. Your life won't ever be the same again.


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