OUTFIT :: Wonder Off with Lovers + Friends


I can already tell: this is going to be my casual go-to outfit for those lazy, carefree days for fall. You know we all have them. Just slip on a flowing dress, throw on your best moto jacket, and bust out those winter boots...

{What I Wore} Lovers + Friends dress c/o Lobby at the Lab  (HERE) :: Urban Outfitters moto jacket (similar HERE) :: Wanted boots from DSW (similar HERE and HERE) :: 
Papers & Peonies bracelets :: sunglasses c/o Charlotte Russe (similar HERE)

Happy Sunday guys! Did you remember to "Fall Back" and set your clocks back an hour? More time to do the things we love. Woohoo!

Sit back and relax.
Enjoy the weather.
Find your happy place.
Smile every day.
Laugh for no reason.
Wonder off with Lovers + Friends.

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  1. ummm i'm absolutely obsessed with this look - that dress, those boots that jewelry! You look gorgeous! Headed back to the states today will text you next week! xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  2. um hello sassy frass I love the tie dye look of the dress and paired with the vintage looking boots! Can't wait to play with you tomorrow!

    <3Amanda | feast.fashion.faves


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