Happy December guys! Can you believe there's only one month left for 2013? Oh my, this year has flown by fast hasn't it? Well, to end the year with a BANG I've teamed up with fashion blogger Amanda from Feast.Fashion.Faves in a Blogger Style Challenge to create a day and night look with this awesome pair of Dear John Denim ruby wine jeggings...

{WHAT I WORE} top/blazer c/o Charlotte Russe :: jeggings c/o Dear John Denim :: Luichiny captoe heels c/o CLD PR :: 
Marc Jacobs sunglasses :: Coach bangle :: Charming Charlie watch :: Hautebetts bracelet c/o Pivotal PR

For this Blogger Style Challenge, I chose to create a daytime look with the Dear John Denim jeggings that I won from a giveaway on (coincidentally) Amanda's blog Feast.Fashion.Faves. With its vibrant ruby wine color, I decided to go with a business chic style and keep the rest of the outfit classic and clean. What says classic better than stripes right? Plus it gave a nice pattern to an otherwise solid look. To add some texture, I wore this blazer with the cool zipper detailing (which I love!) with one of my faves classic heels (they're so so comfy). This daytime look is perfect for the office or for a day of on-the-go meetings. If you know me, then you know I don't like wearing jeans because they can feel so stiff but since these are jeggings, I could run around all day in them (in fact, I just wore them on my road trip to Vegas this past weekend). So see? Go grab yourself a pair of jeggings and see for yourself. Just do it and check out how Amanda styled her Dear John Denim ruby wine jeggings on her blog (HERE) for a night time look!

Two fashion bloggers.
One style challenge.

Day or night, we've got you covered.

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Love it? There's more. Keep an eye out for my next Blogger Style Challenge!


  1. RIGHT! I love how you paired the stripes with the purple color! I love all the cool, edgy details in this look too!! YAAY!

    Amanda |

  2. Aw you both look very lovely! :)
    ♥Stacey Nguyen


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