YOU'RE INVITED :: Holiday Blogger Closet Sale


Come one, come all! You are all invited to attend this awesome event with my fellow blogger babe Amanda from Feast.Fashion.Faves. Yup, we've joined forces to throw a Holiday Blogger Closet Sale benefiting disaster relief in the Phillipines. So you get to shop not one but two blogger closets under one roof! How awesome is that, right? It's something you won't want to miss...

Event details:
WHO :: You, your friends, family, everyone!
WHAT :: Holiday Blogger Closet
WHERE :: Driveway of 675 W. 18th Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
WHEN :: Sunday, December 15th from 10:30am-1pm
WHY :: To shop and support disaster relief in the Phillipines
HOW :: BYO(Bag), grab some cash, and be ready to shop 'til you drop

Come say hi, get styling tips, and find that perfect holiday outfit. There will also be some treats and light refreshments ~ yums! Did I also mention lots of photos ops? Yeah, that's definitely going to happen. For more up-to-date news and details of the event, check out our Facebook invite HERE and RSVP to get sneak peeks of what we'll be selling.

***Just a friendly reminder that it is CASH ONLY (sorry, no credit cards accepted) so don't forget.

Want some more? Here's a list of some of the clothing brands for sale:
❤BB Dakota 
❤Urban Outfitters 
❤Forever 21
❤Michael Stars
❤31 Bits

Save the date for next Sunday the 15th. Be there or be square!



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