Happy Monday! Ready to start off the week with a fresh start? Well I am and here is a brand new Blogger Style Challenge just for you! This week's style challenge is brought to you by Charlotte Russe featuring their tribal print cardigan. For the last Blogger Style Challenge (HERE), I created a night look so this time I went for a daytime outfit and my fellow blogger gal Claudia from The Penny Closet who styled an evening look. Our theme? What to wear for the holidays, of course...

{WHAT I WORE} tribal cardigan c/o Charlotte Russe (similar HERE) :: Gypsy Junkies white top & pink sequins shorts (similar HERE, HERE) :: old over-the-knee boots c/o Bakers (similar HERE) :: gifted old Coach wristlet from the bf (similar HERE) :: House of Harlow 1960 necklace & Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian necklace from Glam House (similar HERE, HERE)

This popular tribal print is popping up everywhere this season and I love how funky the pattern is. When I got this cardigan from Charlotte Russe (thank you CR & Ryan!), I thought it was perfect for a winter-inspired look. Not much is needed when there's an awesome pattern to play with. So I went with neutral tones and a dash of sequins because it isn't quite a holiday celebration without a little sparkle right? It's a perfect day time outfit for a holiday get together with loved ones. Celebrate at night? No worries, check out how Claudia wore her Charlotte Russe tribal print cardigan (HERE) for a glam night out. And yes, with sparkles and everything!
Two fashion bloggers.
One style challenge.

Day or night, we've got you covered.

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Love it? There's more. Keep an eye out for my next Blogger Style Challenge!



  1. oh la la! Love the tribal print paired with those knee high boots!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a fabulous and unexpected take on a casual cardigan! I love the cute shorts you paired it with! <3

    Oh, Ivory Blog


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