FASHION :: What to Wear to Network with Bri Seeley


For my second installment of this "What to Wear" fashion series, here is an outfit I styled for a networking event...

{WEARING} Charlotte Russe studded top :: Loft lace cardigan :: H&M faux fur shawl :: Bri Seeley Sylvia skirt (HERE) :: black bag borrowed from Bri Seeley :: Zara heels

When I think of networking, it's a mixture between classy and trendy. So I decided to style Bri Seeley's Sylvia skirt with a Charlotte Russe studded red top and Loft lace cream cardigan to have that "I mean business look" but threw on an H&M faux fur shawl to also stand out from the crowd. If you are trying to network, you have to make a statement but also be approachable so you can start conversations. Networking events are a great place to get to know other people and finding things in common. Who knows, sometimes you can even make a new friend!

Be sure to check back tomorrow on how I styled Bri Seeley's Sylvia skirt for my next fashion series on What to Wear to Brunch! ;)


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