FASHION :: What to Wear to Work with Bri Seeley


Welcome to an exciting new "What to Wear" fashion series this week! Last month I met up with talented designer Bri Seeley in downtown LA for a fun photoshoot where I took 1 of her skirt designs and styled it for four different occasions. First up, What to Wear to Work! Ready to check it out?...

{WEARING} Loft striped top/necklace (similar HERE, HERE) :: Bri Seeley skirt (HERE) :: Luichiny heels c/o CLD PR (HERE) :: Britt handbag c/o MZ Wallace (on sale HERE) ::
Gyspy Junkies 3-finger hearts ring :: Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian bracelet from Glam Boutique (HERE)

Dressing for work means comfort style with a touch of sophistication for me. So for this first fashion series with Bri Seeley on What to Wear to Work, I instinctedly paired Bri's multi-hem Sylvia skirt with a striped sweater to give the outfit a casual look and a blue statement necklace for a pop of color (both from Loft). Whenever I have a "business" meeting, I always opt for black closed toe heels and these Luichiny cap-toed ones are one of my shoe closet faves! Of course, you need a good purse to hold everything for your busy work day right? Well this MZ Wallace Britt handbag has been my latest obsession and I have been wearing it with almost everything!

Whether you work in an office or a busy girl-on-the-go, you can't go wrong with a sweater and skirt combo for your next business meeting or get together with colleagues. Be sure to check back tomorrow on how I styled Bri Seeley's Sylvia skirt for my next fashion series on What to Wear to Network! ;)



  1. That skirt is different but so chic and amazing - great idea to include that in a professional outfit!

    -Jenny, DaisyGem


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