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Finally Friday? YES! I don't know if it was because of the holidays but this week seemed a little long didn't it? Sadly, no more vacations and back to the normal grind of school/work/internship/blogging for me...

{WEARING} Lush blue open back dress c/o Lobby at the Lab :: Marc Fisher open-toe boots from Macy's (similar HERE) :: 
white vegan clutch c/o Sole Society (HERE) :: statement necklace c/o Capwell + Co. :: ring/bracelet from personal jewelry collection

Here is a dressy look that I've been contemplating for weeks (maybe months) on when to post. Does that ever happen to anyone else or it just me? Anyways, as you can see, this high-low flowing Lush dress (from Lobby at the Lab) is perfect for date night! The loose fit makes it comfortable to wear (aka eat as much as you want) and it has an amazing detailed neckline. Let's not forget the double-take open back design that will surely guaranteed another night out. ;) Plus with the sparkling Capwell+Co statement necklace and Sole Society white clutch, they matched perfectly well together with this whole ensemble. Another look dressed in 5 minutes - done!

Now it's time to announce the winner of my Sole Society giveaway...

a Rafflecopter giveaway
CONGRATS Katja N. on winning a new pair of Sole Society's fabulous Kaila black boots! I'll be sending you an email for your Sole Society account information so keep an eye out for it. Thanks everyone for entering and if you didn't win this one, don't worry (hint hint) there's another giveaway coming up soon so stay tuned.

Have an awesome weekend y'all!

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