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There it is. Your eyes start to glow and an overwhelming feeling of excitement rushes over you. "I have to have it," you say to yourself. So, of course, you treat yourself out to a new little present. After all, you work hard and deserve to spoil yourself right? Well, I couldn't agree more! When I saw this Lovers+Friends pink dress, I snagged up it up right away. I mean, look at the amazing cutout design? You know, I'm a sucker for that...

{WEARING} Lovers+Friends dress :: Julianne Hough heels c/o Sole Society :: Poppie Jones clutch (from DSW) :: H&M bow ring

This Lovers+Friends dress is the perfect combination of fun and flirty mixed into one. Usually I don't like to wear too much pink, especially this much (the tomboy inside me gets upset), but I do love a good design and the detailing on this back just screamed my name. Hence, my inability to say no and taking it home with me to join my other closet loves. What can I say? Another confession from this shopoholic...

What's your guilty shopping habit? Do share! :)


  1. You look lovely. This dress is definitely worth spoiling yourself! great buy!


  2. I ordered my new dress for my daughter's birthday, its came on time. Fits perfect and dress looks exactly like the picture, maybe even better. Everybody gave me good compliments.
    Brandy Melville Dresses


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