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Too early to post an outfit for the weekend? I think not! After all, it's already Friday in my head. Who else is ready for the weekend?

{WEARING} Nasty Gal top (similar HERE) :: skirt c/o Lulu's (similar HERE) :: blazer c/o Sugarlips Apparel (similar HERE) :: heels c/o Jen and Kim Shoes (customize your own pair HERE) :: personal jewelry collection

These past few weeks have been pretty hectic crazy for me with birthday, events, work, school, and internship. Man there needs to be more hours in the day! So this look is something of how I'm feeling right now: 1) I need a vacation (preferably somewhere on a beach relaxing) and 2) I want to go out (totally feeling the vibes to go out and have fun).

With that said, this is the perfect outfit for a night out with girlfriends or even a hot date night. I tend turn to black often because you can layer it as many ways possible and it will still match. A lace top, a sheer skirt, a cotton blazer, and customized Jen and Kim shoes all mixed together? Sure, why not. Plus, you can never have enough - black is ALWAYS in style!

{FASHION TIP: Mix and match different textures of black to spice up your look.}


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