OUTFIT :: The Monday Blues


Anyone got the case of the Monday blues? Cause I sure do! Especially after coming back from a trip to Palm Springs - let me just say, those Coachella parties were so much fun (more photos and a post on that coming soon)! As for now, it's back to reality and daydreaming til I get to go back again this weekend...


{WEARING} dress c/o Trixxi Girl (HERE) :: bag c/o PurseMafia (HERE) :: heels c/o Charlotte Russe (similar HERE) :: Loft necklace

In case you haven't noticed, I'm been completely and utterly obsessed with this blue PurseMafia handbag (also seen HERE) ever since I first got it. So it was totally necessary to have my complete outfit revolve around it. And what do you know? These Charlotte Russe heels just happened to match p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y. Coincidence? Perhaps. Either way, I took it as a sign to take these babies out to play (yes, shoes are like little babies to me that needs to go out and see the world sometimes). Anyways, this shade of blue has been my current color craze! Are you feeling it too? Yes, yes right? The bold blue hues here created a perfect color contrast with the black & white striped dress from Trixxi Girl - loveeee. Unexpected combo but definitely feeling it.

What's your favorite blue must-have item?


  1. It fits like a dream, the color is true to the picture and fast shipping was a plus. I really like the fact that it came with a shawl so you don't have to do any extra shopping for one.
    Maggie Sottero Bridesmaid Dresses

  2. Love the blue!! It's so vibrant without being bright if that makes sense! haha I jump on anything I see that in that color!
    xx Sally-Jean


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