OUTFIT :: Coachella 2014 Desert Style


Last Saturday I went to Coachella for the first time and it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Had an awesome road trip to the hot and sunny desert with my fellow OC blogger gal pal Amanda from Feast.Fashion.Faves and Andrew (another OC native). Now before I go into all the details, here's a quick post on what I wore...

{WEARING} Gypsy Junkies top :: Papers & Peonies shorts :: This is Ro floral headband (HERE from Papers & Peonies) :: clutch c/o Sole Society :: DSW chunky heels
I haven't done a road trip in a while so this was definitely what I needed - a mini quick escape to clear my mind before all my finals. Sometimes you just got to treat yourself out, you know? Anyways, whenever there's a road trip, my #1 rule of thumb is to: wear something comfortable! I cannot express that enough because you never know how long you'll be stuck in a car. Which explains my Coachella weekend 1 festival outfit: a loose white Gypsy Junkies top paired with comfy floral shorts from Papers & Peonies and a beautiful handmade This is Ro rose headband (also from P&P)! Since I knew we were going to party hop from one event to the next, I picked out these DSW nude chunky heels which totally saved my life (and feet!).
{FASHION TIP: Keep is simple and comfy when dressing for the hot desert and bring your inner floral child out to play. Trust!}
Check out my other post for my Coachella weekend 1 recap!


  1. Lucky! I wish I could go to coachella! Love your look for it, plus that floral headband is adorable!

  2. You always look so pretty!....thanks for sharing! :)


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