TRAVEL :: Coachella 2014 Weekend 1 Recap


Hi again! Since I didn't go to the actual music festival last week (I'm going there this weekend for that), I did get to attend the fabulous parties that I've heard so much about since last year. And let me tell you: it totally lived up to its hype as we had such a blast! Of course, I had to take a picture at the infamous teepee from Harper's Bazaar! Almost made me want to go camping...almost. Anyways, keep on clicking to see all the fun events that went on last week...

PARTY #1 :: TPOLA's Bloggers Lounge at the Ace Hotel. What a great way to start the day! This bloggers lounge for #BLOGCHELLA was complete with a braid bar (see the "hidden braid" in my hair in the pics below), yummy bites, awesome lemonade, and beautiful live music from Josie!

There was also a DIY station to design your own Aryn K clutch so I totally had to make one! I'll reveal what it looks like later. ;)

A bloggers lounge isn't quite a bloggers lounge without fashion bloggers right? How fab is everyone's style? [from left to right: Feast.Fashion.Faves, According to Kimberly, A Keene Sense of Style, Melanee Shale, Mel Rod Style, Linh Winn, Love Fashion Live Life, Glamlatte, Studs & Sapphires, Locks & Trinkets]

 PARTY #2 :: Desert Gold Party hosted by Marc by Marc Jacobs at the Ace Hotel. Yes, right across the TPOLA Bloggers Lounge was the Marc Jacobs' event so we hopped on over to that. Enjoyed a frozen lemonade next to the pool (it was hot out there) and checked out the new #MBMJsunnies.

PARTY #3 :: Billabong x Swell truck event at the Saguaro Hotel. We stopped by here and got some goodies. I got a cute new bikini which I can't wait to wear it this weekend!

PARTY #4 :: Harper's Bazaar Pop-Up Shop event at the Parker Palm Springs Hotel. Was drooling the floral prints and dresses, especially the coral pieces - it's the perfect color for spring!

Took a moment to relax poolside at this incrediblly gorgeous hotel and it felt like we really did take a mini vacation as we listened to the calm breeze blowing by. Ahhh...
 Got to also check out the new Urban Decay electric palette and wore some of the colors under my eyes and hair (YES, I said hair, see it HERE).

And what a perfect setting to escape from the world? A hammock under the trees? It really doesn't get any better than that.
[you can find me here]
PARTY #5 :: Forever21's Party in the Sky #Cranechella event. This was the last stop of the day and it couldn't have ended a better way. There was a VIP gifting suite (got some cool new clothes to wear this weekend) and another gifting suite (aka more clothes!). They seriously spoiled us. And I just LOVE this candid pic of us (Honey & Silk, The Penelope Times, Locks & Trinkets) - we couldn't stop laughing! #BestSummerEver

Ended the night away by dancing to beats by Azealia Banks. Nothing like an amazing time with amazing people!
FAVE MOMENT OF THE DAY :: Meeting Rumi Neeley from Fashion Toast! C'mon now, even as bloggers, we probably all have a list of ultimate favorite fashion bloggers that we would love to meet and Rumi was definitely one of them for me (yes, I had a major blogger fan moment here haha don't judge)! And who would've thought we'd meet at Coachella?!? Umm can I say best-day-everrrr?
Alright, now I'm off to Palm Springs for round 2 of Coachella! Follow my Instagram (@kimberly_luu) for all the latest updates for my weekend adventures. Toodles! 


  1. so cute! LOVE all of your pics! Such an amazing day with :)

    Amanda |


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