OUTFIT :: Casual Lovers and Friends


Oh just another day in the neighborhood, you know? Just chilling and relaxing in this beautiful SoCal weather...

{WEARING} Lovers + Friends top :: shorts/sunglasses c/o Charlotte Russe :: unknown sandals :: bag c/o PurseMafia

Lately I've been running a lot of errands and it was probably because I was prepping for my Coachella weekend 2 trip (more pictures from that coming soon) so I tried to pick out the easiest things to wear. Hence, my ultra simple casual outfit: a denim top with black shorts. There's nothing easier than that I tell you. I call this my "stud on stud" look.

{FASHION TIP: Wear clothes with embellishments to make "something boring" stand out more.}

FYI this is my last week of graduate school so I'm so excited and can't wait to finish. Afterwards, get ready for loads of fashion, food, travel, and outfit inspirations (hint hint). Happy Tuesday everyone!


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