OUTFIT :: Coachella 2014 Weekend 2 - Classy Festival Style


This was my first time ever experiencing the actual Coachella music festival (see my Coachella weekend 1 recap of the parties HERE) and I thought, why not have fun dressing up? So I created 3 different looks for each day during my weekend 2 trip. For Coachella Day 1, I was inspired by the inner classy woman who enjoys good music and doesn't like to wear flats (you know who you are)...


{WEARING} Lovers+Friends floral dress (similar HERE, HERE) :: old crochet fringe cover :: Papers & Peonies flower crown/rings (similar HERE) ::
Lulu's perforated sandals (similar HERE) :: Serene Sky Boutique bracelet/necklace (HERE, HERE) :: reflective sunglasses c/o ZeroUV (HERE)
When I first saw this Lovers+Friends dress a couple months ago, I knew it would be perfect for Coachella. C'mon bright florals and lush greens? It's totally screaming take me to Palm Springs baby! So I did along with my cute new Lulu's pink perforated sandals (are they so cute?!) and a yellow mellow Papers & Peonies flower crown. To make it more "festive-like" I threw on a crochet fringe cover and ZeroUV reflective sunglasses to keep it cool and casual. Voila ~ this classy woman was ready to go out and play!
On a different note, sometimes (more like, rarely) I'll start packing ahead of time because, being the procrastinator packer that I am, I tend to do it last minute and end up forgetting things. Now I've learned to put all my must-wear clothes/jewels/shoes to the side and grab them later.
{FASHION TIP: Are you a busy bee? Keep a pile of your travel essentials aside so when you're ready to pack, everything is all together. It makes packing half the work and perfect for those always on-the-go!}

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  1. Nice packing tip! I love all the floral going on here!


  2. I love that the dress is a tropical floral looking print!!! And yes perfect for Coachella! I need to find myself a pair of mirrored sunnies! Also, great tip.....should probably put together a little survival pack

    Amanda | feast.fashion.faves


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