OUTFIT :: Coachella 2014 Weekend 2 - Tomboy Festival Style


Moving on to Coachella Day 2 and my second outfit for that awesome music festival weekend, I went completely opposite. My grunge side wanted to make an appearance this time so I decided to sport a tomboy look for those girls who like to hang out and chill with the boys (which is totally me, by the way)...

{WEARING} Papers & Peonies top (similar HERE) :: Ella Moss bikini c/o Swim Spot (similar HERE, HERE) :: G Stage shorts (similar HERE, HERE) :: 
DSW boots :: Gypsy Junkies hand bracelet :: sunglasses c/o Charlotte Russe (similar HERE) :: Dynamic Asia cap

No girly fringes. No flower crowns. No roses. None of that at all.

This tomboy look consisted of a black tank (from Papers & Peonies) and ripped denim shorts (from G Stage). It was the total boy uniform spotted throughout Coachella and I made the girl version of it. I really liked how the tank had low-cut sides so it showed just a peek of my Ella Moss bikini (from Swim Spot) because you know I had to throw something colorful in there. Plus it gave a little breeze to keep me cool throughout the day. And this look wasn't complete without my Dynamic Asia cap and Charlotte Russe sunglasses - they definitely were the cherry on top! Now although you tend to see me in more feminine pieces, I really liked this "I don't care" attitude this outfit gave off. It made me step out of my usual wardrobe choices and try something new. Afterwards, I was ready for some fun and a little mischief (while still being a good girl, of course).

{FASHION TIP: Trying something new? Stick to your basics and slowly add different pieces one at a time without going overboard.}

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