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A couple weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure to experience Elements Massage in Costa Mesa. If you know me, then you know I've gotten p-l-e-n-t-y of massages before (yes) but none like this - serious! It wasn't your typical one-size-fits-all type of place and that's what I really liked about it. Instead, they applied a different type of massage approach that's personally catered just for you...
Pardon the slightly blurry photos: 1) it was dark and 2) I forgot my camera so had to use my iPhone instead but you get the idea.
Upon entering Elements Massage, I was greeted with a friendly smile by Frank at the front desk. He quickly helped me check in and, in no time, my massage therapist Stephanie was ready for me. As I entered the room, it felt calm and serene which I really needed after a long busy day of work. Stephanie was really kind, knowledgeable, and professional. I usually have neck and shoulder problems so she tailored the massage to focus on those targeted areas. It also helped that she was informing me where my "knots" were so I got to learn new things about my body. Plus, she showed me some exercises afterwards to help release some of the tension at certain trigger points. Finished off my therapeutic massage with a complimentary glass of champagne. Oh yes, a massage AND champagne? I don't think it gets better than that.

As their slogan goes, "Not all massage is created equal" and I couldn't agree more! I got to speak with the owner Erina who was passionate and enthusiastic about their mission. She believes, "Elements Massage is different because its mission and purpose is to deliver a high quality customized massage for our clients and guests each and every time." And it's true! Your massage is customized to fit your needs and there's no extra charge for that. Got to love that right? Need a deep tissue, Swedish, prenatal, or hot stone massage? Just let them know and you're set. They have awesome deals going on so try them out and see it for yourself!

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CHECK IT OUT: Elements Massage, 2701 Harbor Blvd. Suite E3 (in the Von's plaza), Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Tel: (714) 850-0500.

{This is a sponsored post to experience Elements Massage in Costa Mesa, courtesy of Clover PR, in exchange for my own personal review.}



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